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Villari's Martial Arts Centers Syracuse

America's Martial Arts Professionals Since 1968
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Martial Arts the way it was meant to be...  Small group, personal, empowering

Generations of Americans have learned Karate, Kung Fu, Jiu Jitsu, Chi Kung  from us
Why shouldn't you?


*  Learn practical martial arts in an environment that fosters stress reduction, builds confidence, increases fitness, is a blast, and teaches our famous self defense techniques from Shaolin Kempo Karate. We offer the small group, personalized environment the way martial arts were meant to be.

*  Come see why millions have studied with us across the continent over the decades.Our curriculum is tried and true for over 48 years.

*  Our facility is centrally located for convenience of all.

*  Men, women, children of all ages are welcomed at our schools. Adults and child classes are separate and taught targeted curriculum for age & experience. Children learn critical life skills that make a difference in their development and focus on; Respect, Self Discipline, Self Control.

Call us TODAY to learn more about Villari's advantage!! 
 It just may be the best call you ever make for yourself or child.  315-427-8459

Is yours? Take that first step today to building confidence with our world famous system.
Our practical and tactical self defense system is world renowned for it's ease of use and effectiveness.


   Exciting training for adults and children alike, each with a 47 year proven curriculum!

Constant evaluation and testing to ensure students are on track and succeeding. Challenging rank exams!

             Attend seminars with Masters and Great Grandmaster Villari and learn from the experts!


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VPP, Villari's Personal Protection Program! No uniform, no martial arts overtones, just practical self defense for our modern world with our famous system and teaching methods. 

Syracuse's source for To-Shin Do Ninjutsu!  Ninja method

Great Grandmaster Fred Villari is the founder of Shaolin Kempo Karate and our schools are the ONLY source of authentic Shaolin Kempo Karate.  Our instructors training is constantly updated, tested, and they possess current rank certification.

Tactical Edged Weapon Training !

People are talking...
TESTIMONIAL from relative of student...
I do have to tell you that I went to a seminar in Mass. last weekend and we stopped at a Villari's school. We sat quietly and watched. What we saw was very impressive and what we heard was amazing. First, it makes me happy to hear that you are learning from one of the best in the Villari's system. The instructor in the Mass. School spoke very highly of Master C and it made me smile. Second, we left saying "Holy Crap" and I am not kidding. There was absolutely no fluff, no flash and excuse me, but no monkey business going on. What we saw where people blocking and dropping quicker than we could say WOW! You always told me Kempo was a very effective but real form of martial arts and you where not joking. I enjoyed and appreciated what I saw. 
TESTIMONIAL: FROM STACY: Best thing I've ever done. And honestly your teaching saved my life at least once. Seriously! Thank you!
TESTIMONIAL FROM CONNIE - That we were made to feel at home and at ease the second that we walked in, which is very important to me as a parent considering the amount of time that my son will be spending there !
From ShawnI started training with Master Leggeri in 1984 and although I had to stop training, I always liked how complete the system is. I'm glad Villari's has come to Syracuse!
From MichelleAwesome self defense class can't wait to come back after softball season

TESTIMONIAL from Chris - Villari's is the best place to learn martial arts - a blend of traditional martial arts and real-world practical self defense material. It's family friendly and has a welcoming atmosphere.


From Adam - Master Ken Canestraro has been with the Villari organization for over three decades and teaches this revolutionary system in it's pure unadulterated form focusing on history, tradition, self-defense, positive values for children and wellness for adults. While Martial Arts schools are a dime a dozen, what is offered by Master Canestraro and the Villari system is something truly unique and utterly invaluable in today's high stress, high risk world.


TESTIMONIAL from Chris - Villari's is the best place to learn martial arts - a blend of traditional martial arts and real-world practical self defense material. It's family friendly and has a welcoming atmosphere.


From Ali - Very friendly and comfortable environment. Thank you guys


From Anthony - It really fun to learn karate


From Matt - Great place!


From Timothy-Really appreciate how Master Ken & Adam interact with the students and their families. Well worth the investment.


From Jamie-One of the questions that I get asked the most when it comes to training, martial arts, fighting, fitness, ect is..."where did it all begin?"...

Well, here's your answer, 26 years ago in the upstairs of the Oswego YMCA with Master Ken Canestraro. He's my Yoda, Mr. Miyagi, and Yip Man. Anyone who I ever trained, trained with, or beat up(HA) can thank this guy...because that's where it all started...  I felt like that same small skinny 15yr old kid walking in to the Y for the first time in awe of my teacher. I wish I had the time to speak to your younger students about "this was where it began for me"...

Like I told that woman in the waiting area...that was where I started 26yrs ago...


From Vanessa - Vanessa- Ken, it is an honor to (virtually) meet you and thank you. Your impact on Jamie's life has trickled down its effects to this 29 year old in Orlando. To see that after over two decades, Jamie continues to visit and pay respect to his roots is a testament to the impact that you've had on his life. He has a tremendous amount of respect and love for you, and so do I.


From Julie: Fantastic!! We were welcomed with open arms! Small class sizes make it much more intimate and personalized!!! Loving the positive atmosphere and would highly recommend!